Providing pet dog training instruction to owners in the Chelmsford area. You’ll be taught positive, reward based methods to help your dog learn whilst having fun at the same time. See training options or call for more information.

Video link training sessions

Whether you want to teach your dog a brand new skill or work on some improvement a training session by video link may be just what you’re looking for. During your session we’ll show you what train, how to train it and most importantly of all why the training will help your dog learn. We use rewarding techniques which are easy, effective and fun for you and your dog!

Examples of training include:

  • Come – come when called
  • Stay – sit, down or stand stay
  • Drop – let me have that
  • Leave – wait for permission
  • Close – walk nicely with me
  • Fetch – bring the ball back

Puppy training (age 8 – 20 weeks) In addition to the training shown above puppies have additional training needs such as learning not to bite, learning not to demand attention,toilet training, handling, sleeping alone etc.

We can cover as many of these as time allows in our video link calls.

£15 for 30 minutes

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