“A massive thank you to Sharon for the fantastic puppy training sessions we've had, I've had so much fun. Buddy has learnt so much and has picked up his training so quickly ”


How we can help

There’s no doubt that dogs are incredible animals who enjoy human company and make amazing companions.

That’s why we love them, but they need our help too. Puppies don’t instinctively understand that they mustn’t play bite, for example, and sometimes older dogs can get confused too.

That’s why appropriate training which helps guide them is invaluable in heading off potential problems or correcting them if they occur.

At CCS Dog Training we’ll teach you tried and tested training techniques that are kind, fair & effective and which will motivate your dog to listen to you.

Our Mission

We love helping dog owners unlock their dog’s potential, and it is our privilege to teach you how to train your dog using Force Free Methods

Our Values

As owners we all know how incredible dogs are, adapting as they do to fit into our human world and enriching our lives in so many ways. We feel passionately that they deserve our respect, understanding and compassion which is why we believe force free training is the only ethical option. 

This view is shared by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK, a highly respected organisation of which Sharon is a proud to be a member.