Providing pet dog training instruction to owners in the Chelmsford area. You’ll be taught positive, reward based methods to help your dog learn whilst having fun at the same time. See training options or call for more information.

Telephone Consultations

Common problem behaviours such as excessive barking, pulling on lead and jumping up are distressing for many ownerbut the good news is that with careful management and training they can be corrected.

The big question is often “where do I start?” so during your consultation we'll discuss and prioritise all problematic behaviour. We’ll identify what’s motivating your dog to behave in this way and decide together what training you’ll be able to use to correct the problem.

Following the consultation you'll receive a copy of your dog’s personal training plan by email within 48 hours of your session.

Further follow ups can be arranged at a time convenient to yourself.

£30 for 60 minutes

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