Puppy Pre-School

Where the fun starts!

What's Puppy Pre-School all about?

We all want a well behaved dog who understands how to behave, but this only comes through training.
The good news is you can start this as soon as your new puppy arrives.

Your trainer will teach you techniques to develop your puppy’s Responsiveness, Impulse control and Confidence.


You will learn how to establish a good routine which includes Toileting, Sleep and Feeding.

These sessions also give you the chance to ask questions from a qualified trainer and get help with any Challenging Behaviours before they become a problem.

Life skills

It's never too early to start teaching your puppy how you'd like them to behave.
Your puppy will be learning from the day they arrive home and that's where our Puppy Pre-School can help you get things off to a the best start!


With the help of your trainer you'll be able to settle your puppy into a routine which works for you and helps them feel content.
During your Pre-School sessions you'll be able to get help with topics such as feeding, toileting and settled sleep.


Puppies are into everything and need to learn what's allowed and what's not. Your trainer will be able to show you kind, fair and effective methods to help your puppy understand that what's good for you is also good for them.

A massive thank you to Sharon for the fantastic puppy training sessions we’ve had, I’ve had so much fun. Buddy has learnt so much and has picked up his training so quickly. 

The support and advice has been great.

Thank you Sharon, you have been amazing xxx